Here you can find the commission's original reports, stimulus papers and tools about the biggest issues facing public sector governance.


Framework of enquiry

The framework of enquiry outlined in the Phase 1 report is intended to enable an open and serious engagement with the important challenges facing the public sector now and over the next decade. It is reproduced separately from the Phase 1 report as a stand alone document to stimulate thinking and reflection.


Phase 1 report: Modern governance in the public sector

This is the first report from the National Commission and comes at the end Phase 1 of the Commission’s work. It scopes out a challenge for everyone interested in the future of good governance in the UK public sector. It asks us to look closely at the way decisions are made, to ensure governance can deliver what we want it to.


Stimulus papers

Citizen summit stimulus paper

Summary of the key issues in citizen engagement released as stimulus for our May 2021 citizens summit


Place Summit Stimulus Paper

The pre-summit stimulus paper from our April 2021 Place Summit


Governance after the COVID-19 pandemic event summary

The key issues discussed at our March 2021 roundtable on governance after the COVID-19 pandemic


Governance after COVID-19 stimulus paper

Some of the key issues in governance coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic


Leadership summit stimulus paper

This paper was released prior to our December 2020 Leadership Summit to provide an overview of key issues and provoke discussion


Place roundtable event summary

A review of the key issues raised in our November 2020 place roundtable


Regulation 1 summit summary

The key issues explored in our June 2020 regulation summit.


Governance summit summary

An overview of the key issues coming out of our June 2020 governance summit.


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