We're here to:

  • Stimulate and enrich the conversation about the future of governance in the public sector at a critically important time in its history
  • Make recommendations to help ensure the UK has the best possible public sector governance outcomes by 2030

What is the National Commission?

The National Commission is an independent project set up to explore the future of public sector governance.

The commission produces evidence-based reports and stimulus papers that make recommendations for the public sector. We hold events that bring together leaders from across society to explore the role of governance in securing a positive future for the public sector.

We want to influence policy at a national level. We want to stimulate fresh thinking, promote discussion and identify practical actions that will strengthen governance.

We’re guided by senior experts from a wide range of backgrounds. What we all share is a belief in the power of good governance to make the world a better place.

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Your involvement

We want to broaden the debate about the public sector’s future. That means getting new and diverse voices into the conversation.

The commission provides an opportunity to create something lasting and special that will make a real difference to people’s lives. We’d love you to be part of it.

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We are a team of five supported by the Good Governance Institute. We are accountable to our commissioners, who we meet on a regular basis to seek advice and guidance for the commission.

The National Commission Executive Board has strategic oversight with the project team handling the day-to-day delivery of the commission’s activities.

Over the last ten years, GGI has been active in making the public sector stronger and more effective, through its extensive thought leadership and practical support to public sector organisations.

It has advocated for the importance of independent, evidence-based governance as essential to the future. In recent months, GGI has taken a lead in bringing together and supporting leaders by a variety of virtual means, so they can move forward those agendas that matter most to them.

Good Governance Institute

It is important that governance goes right up the political agenda to establish what is necessary for the country to get good results based on legitimacy, an ethical culture, good performance and democratic accountability

Dr Charles Tannock, Commissioner and Former MEP

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