Themes and outputs

The National Commission’s purpose is to address two key questions:

  • What is the contribution that good governance should make to the development and sustainability of the public sector over the next decade?
  • How do we ensure that this contribution is fully supported and realised by 2030?

The commission is built around three pillars: place, digital and citizens. They provide the basis for our framework of enquiry.

These capture the central issues facing the public sector in the next decade and will be used as lenses to explore a range of topics that are essential to good governance, including: sustainability, ethics, accountability, policy, leadership and regulation.

Place focuses on issues that are specific to a locality, community or neighbourhood. At the level of place, public sector organisations and partners come together to achieve local social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Digital covers technological transformation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and innovation. The future of good governance must go beyond organisational transformation and tackle issues of legitimacy, ethics, trust, power and data ownership.

Citizens relates to their engagement with governance and their changing relationship with public institutions. Public sector governance is struggling to embrace the consequences of increasingly engaged citizens. We’re here to explore whether there are alternatives to the current models.

Setting the scene

The thought leadership that came out of the four King’s work, lead by one of our Commissioners Mervyn King, has dramatically changed governance across the world. This is the first of a special set of three interviews between Professor Mervyn King and GGI’s chief executive Professor Andrew Corbett-Nolan on good governance and how the King Commission is important to the British Public sector of today.

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