Governance Summit

Governance Summit

The summit was structured around three main statements and questions on the immediate, on the longer-term and on creating impact where and when it is needed. The outcomes from the summit feed directly into a position statement which the Commission will be launching to stimulate further thinking and practical doing around leadership and governance.

The three main points that were discussed at the session were:

The last two months have changed the landscape of the public sector. What are the priorities and most pressing governance issues that now need to be addressed in the next 12 months?

Governance as it affects the public sector needs to be looked at longer-term not just as a reaction to recent events. What action needs to be taken by whom to safeguard and enhance good governance in the public sector by 2030?

The National Commission has the potential to play an active and important role in shaping the future of the public sector. The next few months will bring numerous reviews, thought pieces and proposals and opinion. What specific issues should our commission focus on to be most meaningful to a) key policy makers and influencers, b) leaders, and c) the public/citizens?

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