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Government rules vs individual companies

From next week almost all rules regarding the covid-19 pandemic will be completely relaxed. However, companies will still be able to make their own decisions about items such as ma...

Clarity and collaboration builds trust

Some have said that with yesterday’s government announcement came uncertainty for businesses and that there needs to be careful communication and guidance for businesses to n...

Governing education: the Covid-19 school catch-up plan

Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, has outlined that the leadership and efforts of individual schools during the pandemic have been more...

Covid passports: A threat to liberty or a necessary security?

There are heated debates around the enforced use of Covid passports but is this state intervention affecting societal liberties or must we accept this ‘government coercion...

Grappling with existential risks

Climate change, artificial intelligence and further pandemics are genuine ‘catastrophic impact threats’ facing humanity in the decades ahead. But how do we rise to thre...

Regulation about vaccines

We’ve had to move swiftly in many senses during covid-19. I’ve been especially interest about the caution taken in Europe about blod clots and vaccines, which have now ...

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